The Scariest And Creepiest Creatures Ever Caught On Camera.( PHOTO)

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Every corner of the world has a story of weird and unexplained phenomenon. From vampires to ghosts, these paranormal activities have been reported for years, even centuries, but many researchers have failed to verify or debunk these sightings. All we have to go on are these photos.

Is it a trick of light, or is there something out there that goes beyond scientific explanation? The truth is, we may never have an explanation for these creatures that pop out of the veil of impossibilities just to say “hi, there!” So we’ll let you decide if these creepy creatures are real or not.

This creepy photo of a Skinwalker went viral in 2014 and left people baffled.

The image was taken by a geologist working in New Mexico. Netizens assumed it was a skinwalker because it shared similar traits to the shapeshifting creature from Native American folklore. Eventually, people assumed it was a prop from the 80s Sci-Fi film “Xtro.”But is it really?

The Fallen Angel Of Catalonia reared its ugly head on June 2016.

Two guys were exploring the Campdevanol Forest in Catalonia, Spain when they spotted this creature with glowing eyes. Some conspiracy theorists claimed there was a video circulated online that proved these guys set everything up, but others aren’t quite so sure.

The tadpole-like creature was scarier than the Loch Ness Monster when it appeared in Australia.

The photo was captured in 1963 by Robert Le Serrec in Queensland. Nobody could identify what species this sea creature was from, but it looked like an extra large black sperm.

Some accounts claimed that the creature was trying to hunt Le Serrec to eat him.

Eventually, citizens assumed that it was a huge black plastic sheet weighed down by the ocean and not a prehistoric beast.

The Cooper family’s photo went viral when it showed a ghost coming down the roof.

The family had bought a house in Texas in the 50s. When they asked a person to take a photo of them, they were shocked by what they saw after they developed the film. Some netizens claimed that it was the soul of a previous homeowner while others claimed that it was a manipulated image using Photoshop. But it’s still creepy AF.


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