See How This ONE Ingredient Eliminated This Man’s Cancer….

When someone is diagnosed with stomach cancer at the age of 70, the prognosis is usually bleak. For now-74 Danny of Donegal, Ireland, doctors said he only had weeks to live. But against their recommendations, he decided to go with a natural treatment method to rid his body of cancer and continue forward in the game of life. Wheatgrass is what helped him keep living to this day.

“I told the doctors I wasn’t prepared to undergo the course of treatments they had suggested. I knew it would kill me,” said Danny, according to the SundayWorld. Doctors recommended a series of conventional treatments, though didn’t say it would save him. They still only gave him weeks to live.

“They were furious I had come to that conclusion,” says Danny about his choice to opt out of the chemo and radiation. “The consultant warned me I’d be dead in three months.”

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